Al Banat Noor

Oriental Egyptian Dance


Noor has been taught and trained by Professor Hassan KHALIL, University Doctor “ Art Academy of Cairo and Koweit”, member of CID-UNESCO, Artistic Director of  the ICODAC association in Brussels and Director of International Serail…An undisputed Master.


In April 2008 Noor got her certification of “ Specialised Professor in Middle East Oriental Dance and Egyptian Folklore of  International Serail for Oriental Culture” by Pr. Dr. Hassan KHALIL.


Noor , dancer, Egyptian Dance choreographer and teacher, founder of the Egyptian Oriental dance school “ Atelier Noor des Arts Orientaux” located in Mantes-la-Jolie, founder of the professional dance company “Al Banat Noor” of “Trésor d’Orient” ®©, is teaching for more than height years.


Noor, Inaya and Lamice teach and pass on their dance passion through different Egyptian folklores.


Each teacher works with rigour and harmony. Faithful to artistic Egyptian creations, Noor is attached to quality in teaching that will allow each of us to reveal her feminity.


Rich of its success, the “Al Banat Noor” company leaded by Noor, won in February 2014 the First Place at the International Oriental Dance Contest during the Cairo by Night 4th festival at la Cigale , Paris.


The Company “Al Banat Noor” follows its artistic journey toward prestigious scenes in 2014 and 2015 in France and abroad.